• Simple Signature for Salesforce

    Simple Signature

    Introducing a simple solution to capture electronic signatures in Salesforce. With Simple Signature, you can acquire signatures on release forms, petitions, waivers, and other simple forms that need a few key data elements and a signature. Simple.

  • What a wonderful vendor to work with. Simple Signature is a great product that is easily installed and integrated with Salesforce, but above that it is a company that cares about working with their users - Estrella B.

    This feature/app is amazing and so easy to understand. Very efficient for having signed documents in the moment and/or at events. So glad we got it, and I highly recommend using it!! - Stephanie C.

    Great app! I find this to be easy and very functional a simple way to capture your signature. This is a must for all Salesforce users. - Travis D.

    Simple signature is straight-up simple execution, and minimalistic, effective, objective based design. This is the perfect signature solution as it is exactly what it advertises itself to be and works every single time. Cut the clutter and enjoy the effective solution. - David Vint

  • Keeping your Salesforce Simple!

    The first truly affordable digital signature solution

    Simple Signature for Salesforce

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    Simple Signature for Salesforce


    eSignature Tracking

    • Track your electronic signature results as they are viewed, clicked on, and signed.
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    Simple Signature for Salesforce




    • Easily gather signatures in Salesforce1. 
    • Signatures are then visible right on the record...
    • Request Signature via email



    Simple Signature for Salesforce

    eSignature Progress

    • Document Signature Progress
    • Always know your e-signature status.
    • Go Digital with Simple Signature!






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